Wide Receivers Coach Keith Williams Ready to Work with his “Rascals”

Wide Receivers Coach Keith Williams Ready to Work with his “Rascals”

By Cole Thompson, San Antonio Commanders Team Reporter

SAN ANTONIO–When Keith Williams calls you ‘rascal’, it’s a sign of praise from one wide receiver to another. When Williams calls you a ‘dirty rascal’, he considers the play to be perfect.

“I like to mess with them,” Williams said. “They’re young guys and they remind me of little rascals. It’s alway a positive when I call them that. It’s my type of compliment.”

Williams, who spent three season working with the wide receivers at Nebraska (2015-17) couldn’t help but call Mekale McKay (Cincinnati) rascal all throughout practice. The former Bearcat looked excellent, running clean crisp routes throughout individual drills and during the San Antonio Commanders second day of training camp.

“I like him alot,” Williams said. “He works hard and definitely has the talent. He’s eagar, he wants to learn and he has the right attitude to get better. He’s going to be good,”

The 6-foot-6 wide receiver impressed during the team drills on for the Commanders offense. Using his massive frame, McKay hauled in several passes, including a deep ball pass from quarterback Marquise Williams (North Carolina) nearing the end of practice.

“We’ve got some ballers out there,” Williams said. “In mini camp we were all kind of rusty getting into the groove but day 2 of training camp, I just think we’re going to keep getting better.”

Williams, a two-time All ACC quarterback for the Tar Heels, took control of the quarterback battle during Sunday’s practice. Comfortable in the pocket, Williams delivered several throws deep downfield, connecting on a majority of passes.

The transition for Williams has been smooth thus far for Williams in San Antonio. Under offensive coordinator Matt Troxel, Williams is finding a consistent pattern working with his receiving unit. He credits his early success to the knowledge of Troxel’s scheme, a similar formation ran at both North Carolina and with the Green Bay Packers.

“It’s a great scheme and I love it,” Williams said. “A lot of RPOs and gives me a ton of time to throw it down the field. I like this offense. It’s working pretty well for us.”

Williams wasn’t perfect against the Commanders defense however during the team’s two minute drills. During an impressive drive, Williams targeted wide receiver John Diarse and would be intercepted by safety Kurtis Drummond.

Drummond (Michigan State), recently spent two seasons with the Houston Texans as a member of their secondary. Commanders coach Mike Riley, a defensive back in college for Alabama, sees Drummond bringing a veteran leadership to the defense early on for younger players to follow.

“Kurtis is one of those guys shows that confidence and experience as he plays the game out here,” Riley said.

The second day of training camp gave multiple players opportunities to make an early impression before pads will play a factor. Here are several notes from Sunday afternoon.

  • The first wave offensive line created a large hole for running back Daryl Richardson (Abilene Christian) on a sweep to the right side what would have been a 50-plus yard touchdown run.  


  • Cornerback Oscar White (Dubuque) looked strong in man coverage. During team drills, the defensive back tallied two pass deflections.


  • Cornerback Duke Thomas (Texas) made several key plays in coverage during the team’s seven on seven drills breaking up several passes and nearly intercepting a throw from quarterback Logan Woodside (Toledo).


  • Linebacker Nick Temple (Cincinnati) could be in line for a starting role. Playing the MIKE position, Temple made several plays in coverage, including a swatted deflection against Dalton Sturm (UTSA)


  • Running back Aaron Green has been a consistent weapon for the Commanders offense. During team drills, Green broke free on gap run up the middle that would have been a touchdown.