Turf Time: Three Takeaways from Hotshots practice, Day 5

Turf Time: Three Takeaways from Hotshots practice, Day 5

By Jose M. Romero, Arizona Hotshots Team Reporter

SAN ANTONIO – The Arizona Hotshots moved practice on Thursday — up the street from the natural grass high school stadium they’d been using to an artificial turf field.

It was the first time the team has been on turf since training camp began last Saturday.

The practice itself wasn’t any different despite the change in venue and surface, as continuity is key for coaches and players. Here are three takeaways from Hotshots camp on Thursday:

Depth charting

The beginnings of a depth chart are taking shape, but nothing is official from the team. “We’re looking at combinations. We’re not making any decisions yet. But certainly those kinds of decisions have to start to be made as we get back from a break on Monday,” head coach Rick Neuheisel said. “We’re trying different combinations and seeing who plays well with whom and so forth. One more day of pads before we makes some decisions, and then obviously, the competition will continue.”

What a ‘kick!’

The end of field goal drills saw assistant coach Chris Reinert offering a reward for any offensive lineman who could make a 35-yard field goal. Guard Josh Allen, at 315 pounds, was given the opportunity but grounded his attempt into the turf, to the chagrin of his teammates.

Filling the playbook

The first day of practice saw the team run dozens of plays as part of the installation of the offense. Now Neuheisel wants to make sure he isn’t overloading the offensive side of the ball with too much information. “We keep the chaos going so now when we go back and re-introduce it, it’s going to feel like ‘Oh, like riding a bike. I know what that is,’ ” Neuheisel said. “If you fill up a bucket of water, eventually there’s going to be some spillover. But that’s all part of the plan.”

Hotshots quarterback Trevor Knight in practice on Thursday.