‘Stacking Those Blocks’: Iron RB Trent Richardson talks leadership, joint practice with Salt Lake Stallions

‘Stacking Those Blocks’: Iron RB Trent Richardson talks leadership, joint practice with Salt Lake Stallions

SAN ANTONIO — Birmingham Iron running back Trent Richardson is ready to take the reins of the team from a leadership standpoint.

Seven days into camp, Richardson is one of the offense’s top leaders and a respected voice on the team. Richardson helped set the tone for the Iron with his physical running style during a joint practice with the Salt Lake Stallions on Friday morning.

“We set that high,” Richardson said of his standard for leadership. “Guys like QP (receiver Quinton Patton), myself, (quarterback) Luis (Perez), TP (receiver Tobais Palmer), we always stay on top of guys. We make sure that we’re leading by example because we don’t want anybody to look at us like ‘well these guys aren’t doing it, so why do we have to do it?’ One thing about leadership, that’s the first thing for us.”

Richardson and the Iron got their first crack at hitting someone other than teammates on Friday. The Iron and the Stallions worked separately and together during the two-hour block to give each squad a sense for how they match up against other competition.

“It feel good to be able to hit somebody else,” Richardson said. “We’re not just hitting against ourselves. Guys are getting edgy. We’re ready to start playing against different guys. It was fun today.”

The tension was high in a healthy way. There was pushing in the trenches. Yelling back-and-forth from one sideline to the other. All good, clean football stuff. It was clear both teams had a mutual respect for each other.

“It shows that we got something special,” Richardson said of the camaraderie. “It shows that both sides still need a lot of work. But we did a lot of great things out there. We showed that team chemistry, too.”

After seven straight days of on-field work, the Iron get their first rest day on Saturday. But just because they won’t be on the field, that doesn’t mean the grind stops.

“For me, this rest day (I want to) spend time FaceTiming my kids and stuff like that. Check on my businesses,” Richardson said. “Really get into the film and how practice was today and the last seven days. It’s a rest day, but it’s not. It’s being a professional.”

The Birmingham Iron open the season February 10 with a home matchup against the Memphis Express. Get your tickets here.