‘Stacking Those Blocks’: Iron QB Luis Perez recaps Day 6 of camp

‘Stacking Those Blocks’: Iron QB Luis Perez recaps Day 6 of camp

SAN ANTONIO — Luis Perez is blessed to be in this situation.

Perez, the Birmingham Iron’s first selection in the Alliance of American Football’s “Protect or Pick” QB Draft, has shown leadership and pinpoint passing through six days of training camp to this point. During the Iron’s 7-on-7 session, Perez dropped in multiple dimes over the outstretched hands of defenders, receiving applause and high fives from teammates.

We spoke to the quarterback as he was coming off the field following Day 6 of training camp.

Six days into camp, where are things at from your perspective?

Perez: “As a team, I think we’re doing a very good job. We’re stacking those blocks, getting better every single day. Not making the same mistake twice is the end goal. Just getting better, installing all these plays and studying them. Right now we’re all in a learning phase, and I think we’re doing a good job.”

Speaking of learning, where is the chemistry at between you and the receivers?

Perez: “It’s getting there. It’s going to take a while. It won’t come overnight, it’ll come with time. Come Feb. 10, we should be there.”

Looked like you were dropping in some nice passes today, especially in 7-on-7. Where’s your confidence at right now?

Perez: “Man, I have a lot of good players around me. We have a lot of great receivers, great offensive line and a great running back. It takes a team. Not one player can do it by himself. I’m very fortunate to be with this kind of team where we have great players. I’m just here to win some football games.”

What’s it been like in the quarterback room? You guys have a lot of guys with a lot of experience.

Perez: “It’s been great. I always say ‘Iron sharpens Iron’. I know it’s cliche, but we have to get each other better. No matter the competition, we have to get each better, improve and go out there and execute what coach wants.”