Our ball: Alliance, Wilson team up for AAF official football

Our ball: Alliance, Wilson team up for AAF official football

By Jose M. Romero and Dylan Rubino

The anticipation continues to grow surrounding the Alliance of American Football, with the official football released to the public Tuesday morning.

The Wilson brand football features The Alliance logos, with a unique red, white and blue striping pattern on both ends of the ball.

It’s a unique look built on compatibility between The Alliance and Wilson.

“I see a tremendous overlap in the values of where we want to both take this game,” said Amanda Lamb, global marketing director for team sports at Wilson. “Wilson feels very strongly about growing this game, making it more accessible to fans and players alike.”

The ball represents The Alliance’s emphasis on fan experience, innovation and technology. The ball will contain a telemetry chip allowing fans to discover the speed, spin rate and trajectory via The Alliance app.

Lamb said Wilson was encouraged to see The Alliance put value on ball technology and connectivity.

“We do feel that data points like spin rate and velocity and spiral efficiency have the opportunity to engage fans in a way that they haven’t been engaged before,” Lamb said. “It’s a deeper, richer story. It helps a fan connect to that player on the field in a way that just hasn’t been done that consistently before.”

Lamb labeled the ball’s design as “disruptive,” and unlike any football being used today.

“(The ball) showcases our design capability at Wilson, but always under the envelope of delivering performance to the field,” Lamb said. “While this ball does pack in Americana and something that looks dramatically different than what we’re seeing being played on the collegiate or other pro fields, Wilson is delivering a ball that still performs at the highest levels.

Players from all eight Alliance teams have been using the ball in the first week of training camp practices in San Antonio, Texas.

“The ball is unique. It says a lot about the league,” Memphis Express offensive lineman Martin Ifedi said. “It has our logo. We made it ours. We’re going to make this league happen.”