Multiple NFL Personnel Excited for Alliance’s ‘Second Chance’ Mentality

Multiple NFL Personnel Excited for Alliance’s ‘Second Chance’ Mentality

By Cole Thompson

SAN ANTONIO — The Alliance of American Football won’t play their first game until February 9, but high-level names around the National Football League already are encouraged about The Alliance’s potential.

When The Alliance was formed, CEO and founder Charlie Ebersol made clear the league’s focus is to showcase quality football, while affording players the opportunity to achieve the ultimate goal of making an NFL roster.

That mission is appreciated by people like Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll.

“We’re all kind of excited about it,” Carroll said. “We’re going to take it in and do the evaluations where they allow us to, when we can see them and all of that. We’ll do all the film work. We’ll do everything. We’ll break these guys down. We’ll take it as a whole other aspect of the feeding system to give us information.

“It’s an exciting venture as always. We think it’s necessary. We think it’s a necessary opportunity that has been created and we’re really excited to see where it turns out. We’re going to learn stuff. We’re going to learn about these guys and some of them are going to play. I think it’s great. I hope it works out.”

Eight teams will compete in The Alliance’s inaugural season over 10 weeks. Rosters will have 52 players on each squad that have been allocated from specific college regions along with several NFL practice squads per team.

Players will all make the same amount due to league rules set in place by co-founder and Head of Football Bill Polian. Following the season, the NFL can contact The Alliance for permission to sign a talented player for the start of the 2019 NFL season.

Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn also sees the potential of The Alliance.

“I think with the way that the (NFL’s collective bargaining agreement) is structured now, with the way that the offseason practices are kind of limited in terms of contact, in terms of what we can and can’t do,’ Quinn said. “I think leagues like this . . . can really be helpful to these players that might be on a practice squad, might be capable of being on a 90-man roster, but just need more playing time.

“So, we’re going to actually send some of our scouts down there. They’re open for us to come down and evaluate. We’ll get their film once they start playing their games in February and March, so we’re going to scout them, yeah, for sure.”

The Orlando Apollos will play host to the Atlanta Legends on Saturday, February 9 as the opener of The Alliance’s inaugural season.