Mr. Lucky: Apollos RB Morrow showing his moves in training camp – Part 2

Mr. Lucky: Apollos RB Morrow showing his moves in training camp – Part 2

By Tom Alexander, Orlando Apollos Team Reporter

SAN ANTONIO — Jamal Morrow is lucky. Not just “lucky to be playing professional football,” or “lucky to have been blessed with athletic talent,” but plain lucky. Morrow, a Washington State University product, says it runs in his family.

“My mom would always call radio contests back in the day, like ‘be caller number 3,’ she’ll actually get it. We got tickets to Disneyland,” Morrow says.

Morrow, a running back from Menifee, California, ranks third all-time for all-purpose yards at Washington State University. Over his final 35 games, he also helped the team with what he believes is his inherited luck. Washington State went 24-11 in those games, and when Morrow called ‘heads or tails’ before road games, the Cougars were 11-4 in coin tosses. The team won the coin toss a total of 23 times with Morrow as a captain. We covered all that in Part One of Morrow’s story, but there’s more. Much more.

A lucky break for Morrow as a teenager put him in a position to call coin tosses in college. Morrow appeared on the game show The Price Is Right as a high school senior, making it all the way to the game’s final round. He overbid on his Showcase by just $500 and lost, but it provided a unique opportunity.

“Coach (Mike) Leach, he saw that, I think, my redshirt sophomore year, he said ‘you’re a coin toss guy.’ I went out [for the toss] and won,” Morrow said.

Orlando Apollos RB Jamal Morrow, (right, jumping in the air), on “The Price Is Right” as a high school senior. (Courtesy Jamal Morrow)

That was enough for Cougars head coach Mike Leach to want to see more of it.

“Basically from that time on, until my senior year, I was the only guy doing the coin toss. It was kind of a wacky thing,” he said.

After leaving Washington State last spring, Morrow went to the Seattle Seahawks rookie minicamp. The Seahawks didn’t sign him, but even back then, Morrow had his sights set on The Alliance of American Football.

In a July 2018 interview for, Morrow said, “I know the new AAF (Alliance of American Football) that I can play there. So, for sure I will be in The AAF and that starts in February.”

Morrow is one of several running backs in training camp competing for a spot on The Orlando Apollos’ final roster, but if he survives each round of cuts, that will be another successful call.