Coaches corner: Michael Vick likes what he sees on the field from his Legends offense

Coaches corner: Michael Vick likes what he sees on the field from his Legends offense

By Jaylon Thompson, Atlanta Legends Team Reporter

SAN ANTONIO – Atlanta Legends offensive coordinator Michael Vick watched intently as the team went through team drills at Friday’s practice at Dub Farris Sports Complex.

As several players collected reps, his eyes remained focused on the entire field. Battling the rain drops, Vick was visualizing the concepts and patterns of the offense.

Then, he looked up and broke out a huge smile. He dropped a subtle fist bump as Legends quarterback Aaron Murray slid to his right and delivered a completion into the boundary.

The play went for a first down and stopped the clock. However, it represented much more.

Murray made the right read against the defense. The receivers ran the right route and the offense executed efficiently.

The play was run well at all three levels. As a result, it embodied everything Vick has envisioned since the start of camp.

“It was a great day and I think the guys were enthusiastic at practice,” Vick said. “We really made some strides today as it was a lot of chatter in the situational football period. I think that is where the guys excelled in.”

The Legends offense took another step forward. The unit continued building momentum in team drills and nailed down adjustments during individual sessions.

Murray felt it was another strong day at the office. He said Vick plays a big role in the offense quickly diagnosing information in the huddle.

“He knows what he is looking for from the defense, the receivers and from us (quarterbacks),” Murray said. “To have that other eye that has played in this offense and the NFL is great as a quarterback.”

Vick was quick to return the praise. He said the quarterbacks are talented and it’s helping the offense move at a progressive rate.

“They are really working together,” Vick said. “The sky’s the limit for them and they have to continue to get better. All the guys were very in-tune and making some good decisions.”

The Legends return to practice Saturday with a joint practice with the Memphis Express. The joint setting gives the team another chance to put their talents on film.

“The great thing about it is you have something to pull from each day,” Vick said. “I think it will be extremely important (moving forward).”

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