Charlie Ebersol


Bill Polian

Head of Football/Co-founder


Head of Football Operations

Troy Polamalu

Head of Player Relations

Hines Ward

Head of Football Development

Kevin Freedman

Head of Operations

Annie Gerhart

Chief of Staff

Alan Kantowitz

Strategy Lead

Tom Veit

Head of Business Operations

Erik Schwartz

Head of Technology

Megan Hanson

Head of Communications

Ben Rose

Head of Marketing

Marc “Jake” Jacobson

Head of Brand

David Cohen

Head of Player Operations

Dr. Patrick Kersey

Head of Medical

Dr. Jeremy Blanchard

Head of Player Wellness

Mark Teitelman

Co-Head of Production

Ken Aagaard

Co-Head of Production

Emerald Aagaard

Co-Head of Production

Toby Graff

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

Mike Pereira

Officiating Consultant

Dean Blandino

Officiating Consultant

Steve Strimling

Coordinator of Officiating


Dick Ebersol

Keith Rabois

Player Engagement Board of Advisors

Justin Tuck

Jared Allen