Enthusiasm is Constant During Padded Practice

Enthusiasm is Constant During Padded Practice

By Chantel Buchi

SAN ANTONIO — The second day of practicing in pads for the Salt Lake Stallions was better than the first.

When asked before the start of Day 2 padded-practice of what is expected, Stallions wide receiver coach Lamar Thomas replied with energy:

“I expect to see some hitting. Smashmouth, football Stallion-style hitting,” Thomas said.

Although this was the fifth straight day of practice, Thomas received the enthusiasm from the team that he anticipated.

“It’s great anytime you can go two straight days in pads with great enthusiasm and do the things that we did,” Stallions head coach Dennis Erickson said. “We made some mental mistakes on both sides of the football that I didn’t like, not blocking the correct guy, running the right route or using the right technique, but we’ll improve.”

Erickson said all of the team coaches get together every night to evaluate each player. It’s a “24/7” job not just on the field but also in the classroom.

“That’s what’s the difference between college football and pro football. You have to get down to a certain number. If you’re not doing the right things as a player, then you’re not going to play,” Erickson said. “We want to have the best 52 guys to help us win.”

Tomorrow, the Stallions will have practice with another team from The Alliance, the Birmingham Iron. This will allow both teams to do drills against opposite offenses and defenses.

“It will be really good to play against different people to feel where you’re really at as far as where we’re at teamwise compared to other teams,” Erickson said.

The Stallions will get the chance to analyze themselves against another team next Friday when they have practice with Birmingham Iron.