Daddy’s little girl provides motivation for Legends player

Daddy’s little girl provides motivation for Legends player

By Jaylon Thompson


SAN ANTONIO — Atlanta Legends linebacker P.J. Davis Jr. couldn’t leave home without seeing the smile on his daughter’s face.


So, he took a photo of his daughter, Paisley Grace Davis, and made the two-hour trip to San Antonio with the sole purpose of making her proud.


“I got a 10-month-old daughter and that is what I couldn’t leave,” Davis said. “It is something to use as motivation every day.”


Davis joined his teammates as the Legends arrived for the start of training camp this weekend, each of them looking for an opportunity to develop and prove themselves on the field.


“It feels great and I am glad to be here,” Davis said. “I am glad to be back on the football field. I am very excited and ready to get back to work.”


The Legends met as a unit as and went through their inaugural training camp practice under head coach Brad Childress.


“I have been waiting for this for maybe four months now,” defensive lineman Mackendy Cheridor said. “It feels great to finally touch down and get going. I am ready to hit the field and get to work.”


The Legends roster is full of players with professional experience who have been through a training camp before. Childress brings a wealth of head coaching knowledge and is eager to help develop the team.

The roster includes former University of Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray, receivers T.J. Jones, Sentavious Jones and Stephen Hill. On defense, T.J. Barnes and Khalil Bass are competing for time in the front seven, with Ray Buchanan Jr. in the secondary.


Over the last few months, many players have worked hard to get in shape and refine their techniques, all with a roster spot in mind.


“Camp is a grind and we got to get our conditioning right to be ready for the wear and tear that the body is going to have to go through in training camp,” tight end Andrew Caskin said.


There will also be time for a little relaxation.


This includes building team chemistry and getting to know each other. For linebacker Brandon Watts, that means unwinding with a little NBA 2K19 or Madden 19 after a long day’s work.


“It kind of helps release my mind a little bit,” Watts said. “I also have a lot of movies on there as well. I can watch all my TV shows and keep up with the world on there.”


But mostly, the Legends will be keeping up with their playbooks, as the season is just around the corner.


In the words of Cheridor, “I am hungry, and I like to eat.”


He’s not alone.