Commanders swagger into San Antonio

San Antonio Commanders

By Mark Newman

When The Alliance of American Football announced earlier this year that San Antonio would represent Texas as one of eight teams on this exciting new stage, Mayor Ron Nirenberg said: “We are a big-league city, and The Alliance is big-league sports. This provides an opportunity for us to have a professional football team we can call our own.”

Now they have a name for that team. The San Antonio Commanders.

The team announced its new name on Tuesday, a big step on the road to the Commanders’ season opener Feb. 9. This much-anticipated choice appropriately reflects the essence of Military City, USA. It’s an undeniable emotional connection with a city and its people — a tribute to San Antonio’s collaborative spirit, its many victories, and its three centuries of military presence now embodied by so many Army and Air Force families.

Look closely at the new team logo that comes with a new team name, and you can see why it’s time to show support. The Commanders will sport a sword on their logo, which resembles a military patch. You also see the iconic mission edifice in the logo, a nod to that rich military past and the ringing shout out: “Remember the Alamo.”  The Lone Star of Texas shines brightly at the bottom of the shield.

Courage and bravery are real in San Antonio. The name stands for a stalwart defense that always makes a stand and an explosive offense with lightning-strike strength, precision control, and great protection. They wear uniforms with pride here, and the new ones will come in maroon, red and silver.

The leadership of Commanders: leaders of people, leaders in the standings. A Commander is defined as “a person in authority, especially over a body of troops or a military operation.”

Bowie and Travis, they were commanders. Commanders of many stripes can be found at Lockland Air Force Base, Fort Sam Houston, Camp Bullis and Randolph Air Force Base, all part of Joint Base San Antonio. There are 39,000 students who graduate each year from military training in San Antonio, and they all look to play their part, to follow the plan, to honor their Commanders and country.

New head coach Mike Riley and general manager Daryl Johnston are examples of the kind of leadership experience already in place in San Antonio’s newest team.

“We do look forward in the very few short months before kickoff to show the rest of the league how passionate and engaged our fans are,” Nirenberg said. “This team will become an integral part of this city, and we’ll rally around and support this team as they begin to hoist trophies throughout our streets.”

The Commanders are here, and they will define success as you’d expect in a city of champions. Their spirit, that of their community and the pro football games headed this way: A proud tribute to teamwork, resolve, innovation and sacrifice. That’s how the games are played in Military City, USA.