Arizona Hotshots wide receiver Marquis Bundy seizing Alliance opportunity

Arizona Hotshots Wide Receiver Marquis Bundy seizing Alliance opportunity

By. Jose Romero, Arizona Hotshots Team Reporter

SAN ANTONIO — The ball came over the middle to Marquis Bundy, and there was no keeping the 6-foot-4, 220-pound wide receiver from coming down with the catch against a smaller defensive back.

That scenario from training camp practice could repeat itself often this season when the Arizona Hotshots’ offense is clicking in games against Alliance of American Football opponents.

Bundy brings with him some NFL experience along with his size and hands. He’s been on the active rosters for the Arizona Cardinals and most recently, the New York Giants. But earlier this year, the Phoenix native was preparing to transition out of football at age 24.

Bundy took his real estate license exam, and just after he learned the results, the Hotshots called with an offer.

“They gave me a chance to play football again, and it was actually better to do that than anything else,” Bundy said after Monday’s training camp practice.

Bundy’s short-term goals are to listen to his coaches and improve as a player, while also trying to be a better person in the community.

“Either that helps me get back into the NFL, or it just helps me become a better person,” he said. “That’s really all I’m working on.”

Video by Caroline Zukowsky, Arizona Hotshots Content Production Manager

The Hotshots can envision Bundy being a big contributor when he gets one-on-one coverage in the red zone or over the middle, or on two-point conversion attempts. He has the physical attributes to excel in that role but is still getting himself into full football shape.

“Marquis is unique because he’s got a skill set that a lot of the guys don’t have,” Arizona wide receivers coach Chris Reinert said. “You always try to fit guys into what they do best. Marquis can essentially be like a rebounder (in basketball), go up and rebound the ball, and we’ve got to find ways to use that trait to our advantage.”

Real estate can wait. For now, there is daily football at training camp and time for little else.

“We get a chance at making history right here,” Bundy said of being part of The Alliance in its first year. “I’ll be able to tell my kids if this league goes on 30 years, if I set records in this league, that I played in that league and I set records in that league. I’m excited to start something new.”