Anthony Williams: From Boxer to Linebacker to Future Author

Anthony Williams: From Boxer to Linebacker to Future Author

By Chantel Buchi

Stallions linebacker Anthony Williams chose the love of the game despite what the city of Philadelphia taught him. The former Utah State Aggie (2014-2016) was a boxer from age eight to 16 until he decided to follow his stronger passion.

“In Philadelphia, that’s the first thing you learn,” Williams said. “You don’t really run straight to the football field. Philly has a long history of championship boxers like Joe Frazier and Bernard Hopkins.”

When Williams played for Utah State, he played in all 12 games his senior year, where he finished the season leading the team in 96 total tackles and had four straight double-digit tackle games.

“When I was young, I was playing football and boxing at the same time,” Williams said. “I couldn’t balance both, so I had to choose one. Football just offered more opportunities. Not saying I couldn’t make it as a boxer, I just love football more.”

Williams is not only a hard-working defensive player on the field, but he is also a hard-working student and writer off the field. Williams graduated with an Environmental Science degree, but he is currently taking online coding classes to create an app and also in the process of writing a book.

“I’m in the process of writing a book called ‘The Culture’ for football players, and it will also give the fans an insight of what it really takes to be a football player,” Williams said.

Williams said his book has chapters titled ‘Fear of the Unknown’ and ‘Finding Yourself’, the former being about life after football and the latter being about finding out who you truly are when football is not present.

“Everybody has to have a Plan B,” Williams said. “But by being an athlete, it gives you a bigger platform and foundation. A wider outlook on life.”

If Williams could have any boxer act as him in a cinematic movie, he chooses “Iron Mike”. Although Mike Tyson is his choice of actor, his all-time favorite boxer is Muhammad Ali.

“He’s my favorite because of his charisma and his personality in and out of the ring,” Williams said. “How he was as a person, in general. I’m a jokester, he’s a jokester. He talks trash, I talk trash. He’s a people person.”

Now in Salt Lake City, this Stallion can bring his charisma, jokes and fun trash talking on a football field again.