Alliance of American Football Training Camp Underway in San Antonio

Alliance of American Football Training Camp Officially Underway in San Antonio

By Cole Thompson

SAN ANTONIO– With the inaugural first snap just five weeks away, the 2019 Alliance of American Football season is officially underway with the start of training camp. As all eight teams make their way to San Antonio, Texas, players and coaches will begin their journey toward a second chance to continue their football careers.

Friday evening, all teams would meet for the league’s official welcome ceremony. Led by CEO and founder Charlie Ebersol, the league is focused on helping players not just continue playing the game, but also help establish a career after their playing days have come to an end.

“Every single person who has attempted to do this before has failed,” Ebersol said. “The reason they failed in my opinion is they didn’t take football seriously. We love football, we’re committed to football but you have to really dig in with the best people at the top.”

Ebersol spent three years building The Alliance from an idea of into the spring football product it is today. Finding not only top level general managers and coaching, Ebersol also elected to add former NFL players and personnel minds into the front office staff to help build the league into a professional system similar to that of the NFL.

Former NFL stars Hines Ward, Troy Polamalu, Justin Tuck and Jared Allen will play an integral role as internal members of the league. Ebersol has trusted their wisdom both on and off the field to help build a foundation for players to follow not just through training camp, but throughout the remainder of their careers.

“They do this because they believe there is an opportunity to make football better,” Ebersol said. “These guys are not volunteering their time, they are fully committed and they’re here to help build this league into the product we expect it to be.”

Players will have an opportunity to help with a cause they truly believe in. Along with scoring points on the field, players will have the chance to make a difference off of it. The more involved in the community they are throughout the season will not just help add to their bonuses, but also build toward their future for life after football.   

Co-founder Bill Polian stated every player will make the same amount no matter their journey to The Alliance. A level financial playing field will allow each player to understand the impact they can have on their own careers.

“Whether you’re here for the first time, your first crack at professional football or whether this is your second chance, we exist to give you that chance.” Polian said. “The reason we are all involved is because we want to give you the opportunity to get a Super Bowl ring. To make it back to the league and have a good career.”

Practices will begin on Saturday and will last throughout January, with all eight teams remaining in San Antonio. The Alliance begins February 9th on CBS.