Aiming high! Introducing the Orlando Apollos

Orlando Apollos

By Mark Newman

The Sun doesn’t set on football in early February anymore, and it certainly never has in the great state of Florida. At the center of it all is something entirely new: The Orlando Apollos.

The Alliance of American Football began rolling out official team names on Thursday and Orlando’s announcement was a nod to a god. Specifically, the team takes its name from Apollo, the Greek god of sun and light, depicted with an arrow pointing East toward Florida.  The warm Florida sunshine is reflected in the orange hues in the Orlando Apollos’ logo.

“I like it a lot,” said Michael Waddell, President of the Apollos. He went on to talk about why, about the characteristics of Apollo, the look, the power, the passion. “Apollo is the best.”

The sunshine state’s new professional football franchise is blazing hot off the presses, a glowing testament to the power, imagery and energy made possible by the Sun. They are the Apollos, precision marksmen certain of their arrows, befitting a Steve Spurrier-coached offense. Aggressive, energetic and skillful men in motion, a passionate fan base awaiting.

Orlando Apollos.  The name summons the energy and power of the sun and an aim for the stars.  Roster signings are well underway, and the Apollos begin play in February, a week after the Super Bowl.

Waddell’s creative wheels are spinning now that the word is out, and he spoke with his signature high energy about what the Apollos represent: aiming high, coming in hot, god-of-the-Sun visuals, a wow factor that is heroic and uniquely Orlando.

“That needs to be emphasized,” he said. “This is Orlando’s team. It’s going to be awesome.”